1. Stephen R. Mallory, b. Trinidad 1812 — d. 9 November 1876, U.S. Senator from Florida 1852-1861, Secretary of the Confederate Navy.

  2. Phillip Keyes Yonge, b. 27 May 1850 — d. 9 August 1934, prominent local educator, served as Chairman of Florida State Board of Regents.

  3. Julia Washington Blount, b. North Carolina, 5 September 1824 — d. 30 December 1888, descendant of the family of George Washington.

  4. John Hunt, b. Huntsville, North Carolina, 3 March 1801 — d. 3 February 1851, a prominent local brick maker, his monument was built in New Orleans with a popular Greek Revival style of architecture.

  5. Daniel F. Sullivan, b. Nenagh, Ireland 12 July 1833 — d. 14 June 1884, most imposing marker in the cemetery built for a prominent lumber baron.

  6. Priests’ Mound, this elevated oval lot was consecrated by St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Church for the burial of priests and nuns.

  7. John Sunday, b. 20 March 1838 — d. 7 January 1925, local builder, served in the Florida House of Representatives during Reconstruction.

  8. Theresa, b. 7 December 1837 — d. 7 April 1909, former slave purchased as a child in Mobile by the Moreno family in 1844.

  9. Colonial Road, probably cleared as a short path into the community burial ground in the mid 18th century, the road was extended later through the burial ground and on to the east of the town. In the mid 19th century, to control traffic in the cemetery, the road was closed.

  10. Don Francisco Moreno, b. Pensacola, 25 November 1791 — d. 19 November 1882, former Vice Consul of Spain during Colonial Period. A Pensacola patriarch who had twenty-seven children.

  11. General Stephen A. Moreno, b. Pensacola 1839 — d. 1900, an army officer for Confederate States of America.

  12. Dorothy Walton, b. Georgia, 1759 — d. 12 September 1832 at 73 years old. Wife of a signer of the Declaration of Independence from Georgia, son George, Jr. served as Florida’s first Territorial Secretary.

  13. Desiderio Quina, Sr., b. Genoa, Italy, 5 February 1817 — d. 13 October 1891, served in the Spanish Louisiana Infantry Regiment before settling in Pensacola as an apothecary.

  14. Francis Commyns, b. Pensacola, 2 April 1800 — d. 13 June 1853, “box tombs” inscription laments family members who perished with 253 others during a Yellow Fever epidemic in 1853.

  15. Captain William Sebree, b. Virginia, 1785 — d. 1827, a veteran of the War of 1812.

  16. Captain Christian Pharo, d. September 1867, cast iron monuments mark the graves of two seamen from the Norwegian ship Gertrude.

  17. Salvador T. Pons, b. 23 December 1835 — d. March 1890, served as Mayor of Pensacola in 1874 and 1878.

  18. Joseph Noreiga, Jr., b. Louisiana, 31 May 1788 — d. 10 July 1827, elected the first Mayor of Spanish Pensacola in 1821.

  19. Dr. Eugenio Sierra, b. Castille, Spain, 1750 — d. 12 March 1849 at 99 years old. Served as a surgeon for the Spanish Army, arriving at Pensacola in 1785.

  20. Don Manuel Gonzalez, b. Santander, Spain, 1770(?) — d. 1838, patriarch of a Pensacola pioneer family, raised wild cattle for the Spanish military.

  21. Jose Roig, b. Catalonia, Spain, 1727 — d. 18 July 1812 at 85 years old, one of the oldest marked graves in the cemetery.

  22. Dr. John Brosnaham, b. Catskill, New York, 1 April 1791 — d. 11 June 1871, stone tree markers, provided by the Woodmen of the World Insurance Company, can be found throughout the cemetery.

  23. John Innerarity, b. Aberdeen, Scotland, 11 November 1783 — d. 28 July 1854, partner in the Panton-Leslie trading firm engaged in trade with the Creek Indian Nation.

  24. Captain Eben Dorr, b. Bath, Maine, — d. 4 September 1846 at 59 years old. Served as Territorial Marshal for West Florida.

  25. Margaret E. King, b. 22 May 1808 — d. 17 December 1897, daughter of Colonel Wm. King, provisional U.S. Governor of West Florida in 1818, heiress to large tracts of land surrounding Pensacola.

One immediately gets the impression that this is an old cemetery. As I wandered around taking photos I was pleased how well kept up the cemetery grounds. I was glad for the billboards which shared lots of information... A real jewel of a cemetery.
— John Edward Voigtlander O'Keefe, Google Review