The mission of St. Michael’s Cemetery Foundation of Pensacola, Inc. is to serve as the primary steward of historic St. Michael’s Cemetery by providing overall management, supporting restoration and conservation efforts that maintain the historic fabric of the site, and to promote public awareness and stewardship through education.

Operating Procedures and Regulations can be found here

Interment at St. MichaeL’s Historic Cemetery

Only individuals with existing interment rights may be buried in St. Michael’s Cemetery. The Operating Procedures and Regulations contains the forms pertinent to requesting interment.

“The old marble and the old slate can be very complicated, and each one is different... You try to match the color and blend it in so that it tricks the eye. It’s not that you wouldn’t know it’s been damaged, but your eye won’t go straight to it.”
— Martin Johnson, Monument Conservation Colloborative (quoted in Pensacola News Journal, 03/02/15)